APECS Engine Center, LLC. is independently owned and operated.
We offer customized work scopes based on the Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Planning Guide for modular level inspection, check & repair modifications, and heavy maintenance on the Standard JT8D and the JT8D-200 engines. We offer flexibility, cost-effective pricing, highly competitive turn-around-times,
and outstanding quality.  From maintenance, repair and overhaul of engines and parts—to engine sales and leasing—APECS is a time-tested and proven choice you can trust!

 APECS supports the world's leading airlines and operators with comprehensive, individually tailored aircraft-care services. Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding quality, cost-effective pricing and highly competitive turn-around-times on the engine.

 Our facility is located at:

13642 SW 142 Avenue

Miami , Florida 33186

Phone: 305-255-2677     Facsimile: 305-255-0277



Fred Laemmerhirt   Fred@a-pecs.com   Mobile : 305-301-4539

Nick Troonin     Nickt@a-pecs.com   Mobile : 954-632-6404