AOG Services.-

Field Service
We at APECS are experienced in providing information and expertise rapidly to customers, usually on-the-spot by phone or email. APECS is also experienced in sending a qualified person or field  team to assist customers in the event of a problem. These activities include such jobs as fan and gearbox changes, vibration problems, oil leaks and FOD repairs.

Borescope - Blade Blend


Borescope - Combustion

Borescope - Condition

Borescope - Video

C1 and C2 Fan Change  

C1 and C2 Stator Change

C1 Fan Blade Change

Engine Troubleshooting

Exhaust Change

Fan Exit Stator Change

Fan Inlet Change

Field HSI

Gearbox Change

Hush Kit Installation

QEC Installation

Ultrasonic Inspection

Vibration Surveys


APECS is a trusted leader in field service support for AOG and other urgent engine issues, and offers:

Rapid Worldwide Response

24/7 Availability

Licensed Technicians

Expert Results

APECS is ready to solve your AOG issues. We'll help you avoid extended downtimes and shop visits. Contact our field service manager and let us get you flying again.